20 very different Democrats are running to be the party’s 2020 nominee, each with a unique set of skills and experience. They can’t all be President. So what’s Plan B? Say one of them does become President. How might the others serve? What cabinet posts might these candidates fill?

Cory Booker could be Secretary of Health and Human Services 

The superhero Senator from New Jersey and 2-term Newark Mayor has executive as well as Congressional experience. His propensity for saving people and do-something-now attitude would ensure a solutions-oriented approach to healthcare.


Pete Buttigieg could be Defense Secretary

With experience as a Naval Intelligence Officer in Afghanistan and an unquenchable intellectual thirst, this 2-time Mayor of South Bend, Indiana knows how to fight smart. His new generation of American leadership would only engage DoD in issues of import.


Julian Castro could be Secretary of Homeland Security 

This Texas twin knows how to run an agency, having served as Secretary of HUD under Obama. With both Latin and border State roots, he, like his activist mom, could give us a two-fer, ensuring security and cementing Western Hemisphere relationships simultaneously.


John Delaney could be Secretary of the Small Business Administration 

Before becoming a 4-term Maryland Congressman, he was the youngest CEO on the NYSE. He also founded a company specializing in small business loans with a record of investing in distressed communities. Who would be better as head of the SBA?


Tulsi Gabbard could be Secretary of Veterans Affairs

This 3-term Congresswoman from Hawaii served two tours in Iraq where she managed injuries and casualties for her National Guard unit. With her personal experience and Aloha-style leadership, she could show our vets we truly do appreciate their service.


Kirsten Gillibrand could be Secretary of the Interior 

During much of the decade this New York Senator has served, she focused on women and family issues. Her pink politics and “Brave Wins” approach is the perfect way to keep our culture strong and maximize both our natural and human resources.


Kamala Harris could be Attorney General of the Department of Justice

She already knows the job. In her 8 years as A.G. in California, she fought against foreclosure and for children and families and criminal justice. Clearly, this “For the People” Senator would lead the top law enforcement agency with respect, equality and energy.


John Hickenlooper could be Commerce Secretary

When it comes to business, this former Colorado Governor and Denver Mayor certainly knows how to run things: by forming public-private partnerships and eliminating deficits. His collaborative skills and fiscal responsibility are just what American commerce needs.


Jay Inslee could be Secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency

The Governor of Washington is all about climate change, creating the Clean Energy Fund and Institute to make his State sustainable before it’s too late. Imagine that passion at the EPA! Plus he has both the executive and Congressional skills to get the job done.


Amy Klobachar could be Secretary of Agriculture

Hailing from Minnesota, the Senator already serves on the Ag Committee and helped forge a bi-partisan farm bill. Her Midwestern heart won’t let farmers or people go hungry. And her gritty, moderate ways and pragmatic planning always seem to make sense.


Wayne Messam could be Secretary of Housing and Urban Development 

Before he led one of America’s fastest-growing cities, this 2-term Mayor of Miramar, Florida owned a construction company. As a builder with heart and extensive executive leadership experience, there’s no doubt HUD would run better with him as captain.


Seth Moulton could be Director of the National Security Administration

Before speaking out against the Iraq war, this Bronze Star Marine led a platoon into Baghdad, his first of four tours. Hence, this 2-term Massachusetts’ Congressman would counsel judicial use of the American troops whose respect he’s already earned.


Beto O’Rourke could be Secretary of Transportation 

Having spent lots of time on the road as a musician and table-hopping campaigner, this former 3-term Texas Congressman and El Paso Councilman gets people excited. He can use that influence to pave the way for long-overdue infrastructure improvements.


Tim Ryan could be our U.S. Trade Representative

This 8-term Congressman from Ohio has seen first-hand how changes in trade have hit his district hard.  As our global trade representative, he would focus on fairness for American workers and an economy that ensures American jobs come first.


Bernie Sanders could be Education Secretary

In his 3 decades in Congress, Vermont’s Senator taught America about issues like universal healthcare and free community college. He and Jane could co-serve as Educators in Chief, giving 21st century kids the critical thinking and vocational skills they need.


Eric Swalwell could be Energy Secretary

With expertise in rare elements, offshore wind and sustainability efforts that also create jobs, this 4-term California Congressman could re-energize America’s renewable efforts, grow jobs in the sector and enhance our energy independence.


Elizabeth Warren could be Treasury Secretary

Although she taught law for over 30 years, this Massachusetts Senator applied those skills to treasury issues like the Wall Street bail-out and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. She’d also make sure corporations and billionaires pay taxes too.


Marianne Williamson could be Ambassador to the United Nations

As co-founder of The Peace Alliance and proponent of Spiritual Psychotherapy, this author and speaker credits international travel as a major influence. As U.N. Ambassador, she could make repair attempts with alienated allies and return the world to sanity.


Andrew Yang could be Labor Secretary

This first generation entrepreneur whose company invests in fellow entrepreneurs has a proposal to pay every adult $1,000 a month. Not likely. But his insight into the displacement of American workers by AI and automation is crucial to the future of labor.


What about Joe Biden? Could he be Secretary of State?

There’s only one back-up position for such a venerated statesman. Would he be willing to serve as America’s top diplomat? After all, he has a lifetime of international relationships. And his to-the-point style would assure the world their partner is back.


OK. So maybe Bernie should do healthcare since he’s been driving that bus for years. Maybe Klobachar should head up transportation since she already has a comprehensive infrastructure plan and Booker can take on education since he’s a Rhodes Scholar with a record for improving schools.

If you were President, what would you do? Based on the candidates’ skills and experience, how would you change-up this line-up?