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"There  is 
but  one   element  of  government 
and  that  is 
the  people

The last few election cycles prove that anything can happen.  The outcome can turn on a dime and every State and every voter can make a difference in the result -- just as the founders intended.

But democracy only works if we work at it.  So please, get out and vote this November -- and every other month your government has an election!

John Adams


Rep. Paul Ryan, WI -- 2012's VP candidate is a 2016 heir apprarent

VP Joe Biden, DE -- Traditionally the VP is also the heir apparent   

Your Secretary of State also has a great deal of important information. Simply Google "SOS" or "Secretary of State" and your State name.

The closer to home you vote, the more power you have. Fewer people vote in city and county off-year elections so, proportionately, your vote has more weight. 

Use that power for good.  Do your homework.  Find your candidates.  Vote in primaries and run-offs as well as general elections.  Make your vote count in your own hometown. 

Here are some sites to get your started:  

Gov. Scott Walker, WI -- National reforms like he made in his State?

Sen Marco Rubio, FL -- Took a chance on immigration reform

Sen. Rand Paul, KY -- Libertarian leaning like his Dad

Sen/SOS Hillary Clinton, NY -- The first woman rather than the first lady? 

Gov. Chris Christie, NJ --Won a blue state by a landslide
Gov. Jeb Bush, FL (former) -- Will the Bush dynasty continue? 

2016?The Indies

Sen. Bernie Sanders, VT --Always ready to speak up for his peeps

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Project VoteSmart lets you review a candidate's stand issue by issue. In addition to Presidential nominees from numerous parties, some State and local politicians are also included.
GovTrack is a free legislative tracking tool that lets you look up the voting records of your Congress person and Senators.