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About  Us!

We could have also called this section "About U.S." because the issues we're discussing will literally shape what the United States will look like 5, 10 and 20 years from now.  Our purposes are multifold.

We're  About  You

Generate reasonable, responsible, bi-partisan dialog about important issues.

Help individuals form independent opinions and take a stand.

Make it easy to share your opinions with your elected representatives and with each other.

Increase participation in government by the people.

Ultimately make Congress more responsive to the people. 

We're  About  A  Better  United  States

Patty O

" We  must  all 
hang  together 
or  assuredly,
we  will  all
hang  separately." 

Benjamin  Franklin

"You can pick up the phone or email or you can write a letter directly to your Senator and you can really make a difference because that does actually matter to them.  It empowers them."
George Clooney
Good Morning America

"I view writing a letter as similar to voting but with more impact.  Many people vote; very few write letters."
Marilyn vos Savant
Ask Marilyn/Parade Magazine

What  Smart 
People  Say

If you still believe that people of differing political persuasions can come together - that compromise is a beautiful word - and "We, the people" are collectively smart enough to recognize common-sense solutions when we see them - tell us - and Congress - all about it!   

Writer, Editor, Producer
 (and helpless policy wonk)

Thank  You 
For  Being
Part  Of  The  Solution

"America is in a passage through a very stormy period ... We should allow ourselves the opportunity to dialog and not be afraid."
Andrew Liveris
CEO Dow Chemical
Fareed Zakaria GPS

This category might be better titled "About You" because your opinions determine what this site covers and how it changes from one week to the next.  We simply solicit, read, edit and publish your opinions, count your votes, and share the results.

The hope of VotersVoice.com is that we'll all get more interested, more involved and more vocal.  Our mission is to make it easier to do just that.

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